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Megatron, Roy Williams, and Anthony Gonzalez

Calvin Johnson seems good to go for Week 9.  Eh, I'm leaving him on the bench.

Roy Williams could have a huge day after spouting off in the media.  If you were Romo, wouldn't you consciously try to get him some better passes this week?  Doesn't matter much.. Eagles will shut the Cowboys down.

Anthony Gonzalez.  8 weeks later and he needed to get scoped.  Ouch.  Unlikely to be produtive this year it looks like.  I could put him on IR for the 2nd time and get a new player.
Posted on: November 4, 2009 1:45 pm

Week 9 - Rules of Fantasy

Finally some fantasy info you can use!

Well if you think I'm gonna drop tips on you for starts, sits, adds, drops, forget it.  #1 rule of fantasy: it's a lot of luck and no one really knows squat!!  Just use good common sense.

Truth is, play your best players.  You drafted them for a reason.  Believe in your guys and ride them through thick and thin.  The only time to bench stars and play mediocres is when the defensive matchup of the opposition just screams to do it.  Even then, obviously some stud players you simply never ever bench.

#2 rule of fantasy:  check out the offensive lines and defenses.  any awesome RB, QB, WR, TE is going to stink it up for you if the offensive line stinks.  You also want players that have good, solid defenses.  They get the ball back into the hands of the offense.  No use having Superman at WR if he's watching from the sidelines all day long.

#3: don't make rash add/drops.   Just because some RB goes down with injury doesn't mean his backup will come in and light it up.  Every year there are flash-in-the-pan guys and you'll never build a playoff team with them.  If you didn't do your homework and draft solid players (see rule #2), then you're probably sunk and no Samkon Gado is going to get you out of it.  Use your add/drops to get players from teams with better OLs and DEFs than you gave the teams credit for before the draft.  Save some add/drops for playoff time when a flash-in-the-pan against a crap defense can get you some points and a win.

#4: Never hit the "top lineup" button.  Just pretend it's not even there.  And never look at Guru points.  don't ask me where they come up with these figures, just don't look at them.

#5: Get in a pick em league.  Know the teams that are on winning streaks, the teams that are hungry for wins, the teams that rock on the road, the teams that only win at home.  But don't make your picks based on your fantasy players.  Vice Versa.

#6: Don't offer stupid trades.  No one is going to give you one star player for two crap players.  You just make everyone mad.  Offering a stupid trade is no basis to begin a trade discussion either.  Everyone is already mad at you.  The only good trades are when you have a hole on your team (eg WR) and another team has a hole (eg RB) and it is a win-win to make a trade to fill the holes.

#7: Don't trash talk after the game is over.  "Ha ha I kicked your a-- I knew your guys were losers!!" is just an a--hole way to be.  Talk it up with some spirited trash talk BEFORE the game, use some knowledge about the team or the players (ala John Randle), then you can post a witty retort to said trash talk after your win, or humbly admit defeat after your loss.  Don't be a jerk, it's just fantasy football.  and no, your dad can't beat up my dad!

#8: PPR leagues are stupid.  Fantasy scores should resemble real football scores, they shouldn't be 150-138.  When you play football you don't score for simply catching the ball.  You don't score for simply getting 5 yards.  What next, a "nobody wins, nobody loses" league?  What is this, a 2009 5-year old's soccer game?  Why not just give out trophies for participation?  If you're in a PPR league just get out, you're being stupid.  IDP leagues are one step stupier than PPR.
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My team

I started this season 0-3, but last week I toasted the competition and now I'm 4-4.  Want to know my lineup?  Well who asked you anyway?

Tom Brady:  Drafted in the 1st round.  He was supposed to be back this year, right?  Well it took him long enough.  Now you know why I started out 0-3.

Ray Rice:  Hell Jess!  Drafted this guy early too.  It's finally panning out as of late and I expect Baltimore to keep giving this guy the ball a lot for the rest of the year.  Willis MacGahee stole a lot of thunder early this year, so much that I picked him up and played him a couple weeks.  Now he rides the bench and is the Next Man Down.  I feel bad for MacGahee.  I have been rooting for this guy ever since that horrible knee injury he got in college.  I have been impressed with how he came back from that and has had a good, if not great NFL career.  Tough dude to say the least.  Go Willis!!

Pierre Thomas:  Frenchie hurt me early this year, but once again he's starting to pan out.  Super fun watching him dive into the end zone last week!  Eff Mike Bell already, give PT the ball!

Bench: MacGahee, Donald Brown (drafted him because I thought Addai wouldn't make it through the year as the starter).

Vincent Jackson:  Another high draft pick.  Panning out big time!  Before the year I considered drafting Chris chambers, all I can say is *whew* on that one.  Looking back on it now, I never considered Chambers so shut up!

Braylon Edwards:  I picked this chump up after his big 1st game with the Jets vs Miami.  I thought Mark Sanchize had found his new fun TD toy.  Well I have to play him now because of injuries and duds below.

Wes Welker:  Someone in my league dropped him when he had his ankle injury.  I picked him up right away.  Welker is crazy good with Brady throwing to him and Moss drawing all the coverage.

Bench: Roy Williams, what a bust. (traded Lendale White for him early this year).  Calvin Johnson (C'mon dude, get back on the field!  your team needs you!!), Anthony Gonzalez (drafted this guy pretty high.  goes down 1st qtr week 1, ouch, still isn't back, but I'm holding out hope he has value late in the year)

The rest:
Robbie Gould.  don't ask me why, but I always draft Gould.  (Well this year I actually drafted Kris Jenkins but chickened out and picked up Gould before the season started).  He's pretty solid and even hit a 50-yarder this year (so shut up stupid columnists who say he doesn't hit 50 yarders!)

Steelers.  I also drafted the giants D and played them a couple weeks while Polamalu was out.  But now he's back and I dropped the Giants.  The Steelers D had their biggest week against the Vikes, stupid Steelers!

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I'm a Vikings fan.  Season ticket holder for longer than any of you pipsqueaks have even been playing fantasy.  Tailgater and die hard.  I have fond memories of Leroy Hoard, Joey Browner, Chuck Foreman..etc etc.  I cheered for Les Steckel's team.  I watched Bud Grant Outdoors.  So admittedly I've got some bias.  But I'm also a long time fantasy football player and commissioner.  So I know when to take the purple glasses off and see things for what they really are.

SKOL Vikings!!
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